About Nutz Deep II

The top questions we get asked on a daily basis are “How did you come up with your name?” and “Where is Nutz Deep I?”

Nutz Deep originated in Sturgeon Bay, WI as a small hole-in-the-wall tavern right on the bay. The owner at the time was Ray, who later came to work for (current owner) Dewey after his bar in Sturgeon Bay was bought out by a real estate agency.

Ray was a strange little fellow with a high-strung personality. He would always be bopping around like a chicken with his head cut off. At that time, we were looking for a name change (the Intensive Care just was not cutting it) and Ray said to Dewey, “Why don’t you call your bar Nutz Deep II after my bar in Sturgeon Bay?”

Dewey thought this was the most insane thing he had ever heard, but Ray convinced him the name fit. He said that the bar could be the place where people could go and get a little nuts.

But Ray came up with the name of the original bar in a different way. He told us the story of a customer named Wally who would ride his John Deere tractor to the bar. One night, the moon was full and the customers were overly rambunctious. The door banged open and in came Wally, tractor and all. Ray said it was going to be “Nutz Deep” in here tonight. Hence, the name was born.

We have 14 large TVs so you can watch nearly every sporting event available. We are the perfect venue for game time, happy hour, dinner, and/or late-night drinks. Bring your friends or your partner to enjoy the full-service bar featuring all your favorite spirits, wine, and major domestic, imported, specialty craft beers. Our large menu of appetizers, sandwiches, and burgers are available from open to close. We are proud to tell our customers that we have been voted "Best of Marshfield" several times:

  • Best Burger: 2009-23
  • Best Fish Fry: 2019-23
  • Best Server: 1st Place - 2021, 2nd Place - 2020
    • Honorary Winner in Memoriam – Josh Pederson: 2023
  • Best Bar Food: 2022
  • Best Breakfast: 2020
  • Best Dinner/Lunch Spot: 2020
  • Best Carryout/Takeout: 2020
  • Best Bartender: 2020
  • Best Cheese Curds: 2013-2016*
  • Best Nightlife: 2009-2015*

*Denotes that this category is no longer included in the Best of Marshfield survey

For those who want to enjoy warm spring and summer nights, we have an outdoor seating area and outdoor smoking lounge. We also have two party rooms available for all your party needs!

In November 2007, we opened a second location in Spencer, WI, called Nutz Deep II North. (This location has the same features as Nutz Deep II in Marshfield.) When asked for our location, we happily advise that we are on the corner of "Nutz and Central!"